Who is Goanserve?

We’re a social enterprise committed to transforming the lives of children living in extreme poverty in India

To sum us up in a nutshell, we’re a social enterprise (a not for profit organisation) passionate about helping children out of poverty and into a life of success and love. Founded in 2008 by David Montgomery, Goanserve is taking groups of volunteer travellers to help the children of Goa now.

David’s Story

It all started back in 2005 when my wife and I went to Goa for our twentieth wedding anniversary. Walking through a flea market, we stumbled across a campaign stall for a street child rescue organisation. That was the first time we met Matthew, the co-founder of the award-winning charity El Shaddai. 

Matthew invited us to his home for dinner that evening and while we chatted over our meal, he shared stories of the children in his care. El Shaddai was working tirelessly to provide food, clothing and shelter for the children but most importantly, the loving and caring environment they deserve. He encouraged us to sponsor a child, and we did. That child was Laxman, age ten. You can read Laxman’s story here.

Building strong relationships with complete transparency

With the help and complete transparency of El Shaddai, David and Jacqueline have been able to build a strong relationship with their Indian son Laxman. Over the years, they’ve sent many letters between each other and David has visited Goa eighteen times to see Laxman. 

Unlike other charities in the area, El Shaddai has always been happy for David and Jaqueline to see the boy whenever they wanted, and this transparency really does set them apart. David still keeps in contact with Laxman (now twenty-nine) every week via text message. The couple knows their sponsorship money has been put to excellent use and can see first-hand the impact they’ve had on this young man’s life. Watch the video of Laxman chatting with sponsors David and Jacqueline here.

We encourage all volunteers to commit to the sponsorship of a child

Today, there are thousands of children living in Goa in extreme poverty, just like Laxman was back in 2002. El Shaddai rescues malnourished children from harsh poverty and provides them with a safe and loving environment where they can access food clothes and a bed to sleep in at night. Your sponsorship of only £1 per day provides the consistent support that El Shaddai needs to drive real change in Goa.

Jump on board and ‘go and serve’ a child in Goa

You too can make a huge impact on the lives of children living in harsh poverty in India today. Goanserve is the vehicle that will get you to the children who need it most via our partnership with El Shaddai. Find out more about what we do

Our Vision

To grow a community of volunteers going to serve children in India

Our Purpose

Equip our volunteers through training and personal development
Inspire our volunteers through the experiences we provide and the people they encounter
Mobilise leaders taking teams of volunteers to fulfil our purpose

Our Mission

Goanserve is all about empowering people and inspiring change through volunteering experiences in India

Our Values

  • Partnership in the spirit of cooperation
  • Complementing not competing
  • Credibility through authentic living

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