Children & Community

With your help, we can bring care, love and joy to the most vulnerable of children

Thousands of children living in extreme poverty are at risk

Thousands of children are living on the streets of Goa, under bridges, in slums and beside railway stations. Some are orphans. Some were driven from their homes – running away from an abusive parent or stepparent.  Others are confined to their homes, forced into labour, sexual abuse or even prostitution. It’s not right for these children to be isolated, left to fend for themselves. They deserve a happy childhood with access to food, clothes, shelter and an education.


Invest in the lives of these children and drive real change in the area


With your help, we can provide these children with a safe and happy childhood. Your efforts to raise funds and support the work on the ground helps to give these children the care they need. When you volunteer to ‘Goanserve’ children and the community, you’ll spend your days directly engaging with children who would otherwise be at risk. Through playful activities such as singing, dancing and games, you’ll bring care, love and joy to the children who need it most.

Jump on board and join a community of people driving real change in Goa

Visit our contact page and fill out the form to receive your free volunteer information guide. This guide includes all of the information you need to go and serve the most vulnerable children in Goa. 

So jump on board and join a community of people driving real change – nothing can stop you now!


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