Social Education

Help us break the cycle of poverty through social education

Thousands of children roam the streets in cities across India

The children roaming India’s city streets usually have parents, families and a home. However, in most cases, the parents work as day labourers and have no possible childcare. Children are therefore left to fend for themselves, leaving them open to all kinds of abuse and danger while foraging or begging for food.

El Shaddai provide shelters that offer a safe place to eat, wash and receive education

Through El Shaddai’s community centres, we can reach families living in slums and undeveloped rural areas. When you join our social education program, you’ll be supporting the education of the whole family unit. Topics covered by our social education programs include family planning, social care, basic education and hygiene. 

This is a more formal program and ideal for those volunteers wishing to gain experience in areas such as social work, teaching and occupational therapy.

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