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Drive aspiration through sport while having lots of fun!

Children living in extreme poverty have little opportunity

Young people living in disadvantaged communities have little chance to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. Left to fend for themselves, the most vulnerable children are at risk from unscrupulous business owners, abuse and even prostitution. Sport can offer a way out of poverty and into a better, healthier life.

Sport drives opportunity for the children and young people of Goa

El Shaddai Sports & Cultural Club has a vision to provide a better and healthy life for disadvantaged children. By joining one of our sport programs, you can help drive aspiration and opportunity for the children of Goa while having fun along the way! Whether you’re interested in football, P.E, table tennis or any of the other sporting activities available, taking part will change your life and theirs for the better.

Flex those muscles and change lives through sport!

Jump on board and join the community of people driving real change in Goa. Visit our contact page and fill out the form to receive your free volunteer information guide. This guide includes all of the information you need to help the most vulnerable children using your skills and experience with sport.

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