Maintenance Projects

We need your help to maintain schools and community buildings

There are huge costs involved in the upkeep of schools and community building

Of course, all of the fantastic work that El Shaddai is doing in Goa costs money, and without the help of our amazing volunteers, we wouldn’t manage the upkeep and maintenance of vital charity buildings.

Your help is needed

Do you love the idea of getting involved to make a real difference? El Shaddai has community buildings, schools and learning/wellbeing centres that need your help now. Spend your volunteer trip repairing roofs, painting, and providing general maintenance to the buildings that need it most.

With your help, we can build a brighter happier childhood for those who’ve never had one

Jump on board and join a community of like-minded people who want to drive real change in India. With your help, we can ensure vital buildings are kept clean and safe. Take the first step in your life-changing journey today. 

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