What do we do?

We’re the vehicle transporting those who are committed to social change to the people who need it most

Laxman, now 29, owns several small businesses, has built his own house, and is a credit to the local community. However, sadly, life wasn’t always this good for him. When we first met Laxman, age ten, he’d recently arrived at El Shaddai after being rescued from extreme poverty. Laxman tells us what it was like living in the Lamani community in rural India before being rescued. 

“Every day we would wake up early in the morning, around 4 am, to collect water from the well. Using a rope tied around my waist, my mum, with the help of some friends, lowered me down the dark well to collect water – I was six years old at the time.”

Laxman went on to tell us how he vividly remembers the day he arrived at El Shaddai.

“I still remember the glass of milk I was given on the first day I arrived at El Shaddai, it was a full glass, I’d never had such a big glass of milk! I very rarely ate meat, only occasionally when a goat died we shared the meat into small portions. At El Shaddai, we ate chicken curry almost every day”. Watch Laxman’s full video interview with sponsors David and Jacqueline here 

There are thousands of malnourished children living in extreme poverty in India today. Some are street children who beg for food; some live in the countryside with no prospects or education. The El Shaddai Charitable Trust transforms the lives of these children by working to provide food, shelter, education and most importantly, a caring and loving environment for those who need it most.

El Shaddai and Goanserve are driving real change across Goa through sponsorship and volunteer programs.


You too can help disadvantaged children just like Laxman by joining one of our volunteer projects. When you choose to volunteer through Goanserve, all of your travel arrangements are taken care of, plus, a portion of the money you raise will go directly to help El Shaddai’s mission. Choose one of four areas to volunteer.

Children & Community

Drive change and invest in lives when you share your passion with children and the community.
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Sports Projects

Drive aspiration through sport and help provide a healthy lifestyle for disadvantaged children.
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Social Education

Break the cycle of poverty through education when you choose to help disadvantaged families.
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Maintenance Projects

Support El Shaddai building projects and help maintain existing community spaces that need it most.
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